National Park Service Historic Preservation Website

The National Park Service has announced that in celebration of National Preservation Month, the complete resources of the Historic Preservation Learning Portal will be offered to the general public throughout the month of May. The website provides a single access point to acquire information from more than 3,000 sources on historic preservation records, news, training, laws, regulations, policies, case studies, and projects. It was originally designed to supply historic preservation information to 75 different federal, state, local, and tribal agencies.

Basic information from the website can be attained without a password, although acquiring one will permit access to all portal functions and allow users to receive up-dates and save searches. Password directions can be found in the “Login” section of the homepage. Passwords were previously limited to government or military email accounts. At the end of May, a decision will be made on whether or not to restrict passwords again.

The Historic Preservation Learning Portal is a co-operative, inter-agency project designed by the National Park Service in partnership with 17 other federal agencies.