National Archives Announces Copying Fee Increases

In a final rule published in the Federal Register August 17, 2007, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) announced across-the-board fee increases for reproduction of archival materials in its facilities nationwide. In addition to Federal records, this includes donated historical materials, Presidential records, and records filed with the Office of the Federal Register. This rule will become effective on October 1, 2007.

The National Archives current fees were established in October 2000 and this is the first fee increase in seven years. In fiscal year 2006, the Archives said its costs for fixed-fee services were more than double the revenue it received in copying fees.

As of October 1, 2007, self-service copies will rise from $0.15 per page to $0.25 per page in the Washington, DC, area, and $0.20 per page at regional archives and Presidential libraries. NARA-made copies will be $0.75 per page up from the current $0.50. Microfilm-to-paper copies made by a customer on a self-service copier would rise from $0.30 per page to $0.50. There would be a minimum fee of $15.00 for all mail order reproductions, up from the current $10.00.

Fixed-fee reproductions of commonly-requested genealogical records using the National Archives order forms will be:

Passenger Arrival Lists: $25.00 (NATF Form 81)
Federal Census Requests: $25.00 (NATF Form 82)
Eastern Cherokee Applications to the Court of Claims: $25.00 (NATF Form 83)
Land Entry Records: $40.00 (NATF Form 84)
Full Pension File more than 75 years old (Civil War and after), up to 100 pages: $75.00 (NATF Form 85)
Full pension file (pre-Civil War): $50.00 (NATF Form 85)
Pension Documents Packet (selected records): $25.00 (NATF Form 85)
Bounty Land Warrant Application Files: $25.00 (NATF Form 85)
Military service files more than 75 years old: $25.00 (NATF Form 86)