Civil War Preservation Trust Marks 25,000 Acres Saved

The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT), the nation’s largest nonprofit battlefield preservation group, recently announced its land preservation accomplishments for 2007. The organization permanently protected 1,616 acres at 12 different Civil War battlefields in five states. In 2007, CWPT reached an historic milestone of 25,000 acres saved during two decades of preservation work. Overall, CWPT has protected 25,289 acres of battlefield land at 99 sites in 18 states.

The roster of sites protected by CWPT in 2007 includes: 96 acres at Perryville and 300 acres at Richmond in Kentucky; 144 acres at Champion Hill and 3 acres at Brice’s Crossroads in Mississippi; 0.5 acres at Franklin, 88 acres at Parker’s Cross Roads and 6 acres at Shiloh in Tennessee; 319 acres at Glendale, 422 acres at McDowell, 10 acres at Petersburg and 9 acres at White Oak Road in Virginia; and 219 acres at Summit Point in West Virginia.