Advisory Committee on History Preservation to Meet May 13

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) will meet on Tuesday, May 13, 2008. The meeting will be held in Room M09 of the Old Post Office Building, 1100 Pennsylvania Ave, NW., Washington, DC at 8 a.m. The meetings of the ACHP are open to the public.

I. Chairman’s Welcome
II. Native American Activities
A. Native American Advisory Group
B. Native American Program Report
III. Archaeology Task Force
A. Proposed Policy Statement on Archaeology and Heritage Tourism
IV. Chairman’s Award Presentation
V. Preserve America Program
A. Preserve America Presidential Awards
B. Preserve America Stewards Initiative
C. Preserve America/Save America’s Treasures Authorizing
VI. Implementation of ACHP Recommendations from the Preserve America
A. Agency Progress
B. Recommendations Implemented by the ACHP
VII. Preservation Initiatives Committee
A. Legislative Update
B. Heritage Tourism Activities
VIII. Federal Agency Programs Committee
A. National Park Service Programmatic Agreement
B. Bureau of Land Management Nationwide Programmatic Agreement
C. Standard Treatments Update
D. Section 106 Cases
a. New Orleans Cases
b. Navy Cases
VIII. Communications, Education, and Outreach Committee
A. ACHP Strategic Communications Plan
IX. Chairman’s Report
A. ACHP Alumni Foundation
B. ACHP FY 2009 Budget Request
C. Transition to a New Administration
X. Executive Director’s Report
XI. New Business
XII. Adjourn