US Education Department Revises Teaching American History Grants Selection Process

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced proposed revisions the selection criteria governing the Teaching American History Grant Program (TAH). The agency is requesting public comments on the proposed revisions by November 28, 2008.

On April 15, 2005 (70 FR 19939), the Education Department issued a notice requiring the Secretary to use specific selection criteria when evaluating grant applications for the TAH program.

After using these specific criteria for the last three years, the Department of Education has determined that it needs greater flexibility in using selection criteria to evaluate TAH program applications. As a result, the agency is proposing that in addition to the criteria established for the TAH program in the 2005 Notice, the Secretary also may use other agency regulations (34 CFR 75.209 and 34 CFR 75.210) that establish general selection criteria to be used to evaluate direct grant programs.

The Department of Education will have the authority to apply one or more of these criteria in any year in which the TAH program is in effect. In the notice inviting applications or the application package, or both, the agency will announce the maximum possible points assigned to each criterion.

To see a copy of the notice, including information on submitting comments, click here

The Teaching American History grant program improves the quality of instruction in American history. Grant awards assist elementary and secondary schools in implementing research-based methods for improving the quality of instruction, professional development, and teacher education in American history. Funds are used for competitive grants that are allocated to local education agencies (LEAs) though funding proposals must include a partnership component with an educational non-profit and/or history-based organization.