Federal Register Announces New “Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents”

The Office of the Federal Register (OFR) has created a new publication, to be called the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents. The Daily Compilation will appear on the Government Printing Office’s (GPO) new Federal Digital System (FDsys) website January 20, 2009, to coincide with the incoming President’s term of office. The online Daily Compilation will replace the printed Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.

Like its predecessor, the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents will contain formal Presidential orders and statements, remarks at press conferences, messages to Congress, agencies, and foreign leaders, as well as other materials released by the White House Press Secretary. Material appearing in the Daily Compilation is edited for accuracy and annotated with additional information to provide an authoritative record of the Presidency.

The Daily Compilation project is a joint effort of the OFR/GPO partnership. The Daily Compilation the first publication specifically engineered for the new FDsys platform. In the coming year, the OFR and GPO will launch new web services on FDsys, which will gradually replace GPO Access throughout 2009.

As an FDsys Web publication, the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents will reach a much broader audience and will be updated frequently, as the White House press office releases information. The Daily Compilation website will integrate with historical Weekly Compilation files to provide continuity and permanent public access.

The Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents traces its origins to the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States series, established in 1957 as an official publication for the President’s public statements and formal issuances.

The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents was created on August 2, 1965, at the behest of President Lyndon B. Johnson. President Johnson cited a need for the President’s statements and writings to be published on a more frequent basis to provide for better communication among members of his administration, and with the American people. The hardbound Public Papers series will be maintained to serve the needs of libraries and other institutions.

For more information about the new FDsys website click here.