Teaching American History Grants FY 2010 Budget Request

The Teaching American History (TAH) Grants program at the U.S. Department of Education would see no increase under the Obama administration’s proposed fiscal year (FY) 2010 budget released this week. The budget for the program would stay at the FY 2009 level of $119 million. Funding for the program has remained relatively constant since FY 2004, fluctuating annually between $120 million and $118 million.

The 2010 request would fund approximately 115 to 125 new awards. National activities funds are requested to continue the operation of the National History Education Clearinghouse and to continue a 4-year national study launched in 2007 that is examining the relationship between participation in the Teaching American History program, increased teacher content knowledge, and student achievement.

The TAH grant program improves the quality of instruction in American history. Grant awards assist elementary and secondary schools in implementing research-based methods for improving the quality of instruction, professional development, and teacher education in American history. Funds are used for competitive grants that are allocated to local education agencies (LEAs) though funding proposals must include a partnership component with an educational non-profit and/or history-based organization.