NARA Opens Federal Agency Civilian Personnel Records

This week, the National Archives’ National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) announced it has opened more than 6 million individual personnel files of former federal civilian employees from the mid-1800s through 1951.

This opening of 6 million files adds to the existing collection of more than 9 million military personnel files that are already available for research and is part NARA’s goal of establishing the largest archival repository in the United States outside the National Archives in the Washington, DC area. In late 2010, the records will be moved to a state-of-the-art repository that is under construction in suburban St Louis County, Missouri.

To purchase a copy of a particular record, send a written request to NPRC, Civilian Personnel Records, 111 Winnebago Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63118-4199. The request should include the requester’s contact information, the former federal employee’s full name, date of birth, name of employing agency, and period of employment. Copies of the records can be purchased for either $20 or $60, depending upon the size of the record.

Visitors to NPRC in St. Louis can make an appointment to view these records for free in the Archival Research Room. Visitors interested in doing so should call 314-801-0850 to schedule an appointment.