White House Releases First Monthly Visitors Logs

On December 30, the Obama administration released more than 25,000 records identifying visitors to the White House over

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the last two weeks of September. President Obama ordered earlier this year that in December the White House would — for the first time in history — begin posting White House visitor records on a monthly basis. The records also include visitor information for the Vice President and his staff at the White House Complex.

The Administration has created an online database of published visitor records in an accessible, searchable format. Each month, records of White House visitors from the previous 90-120 days

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are being made available online. Aside from a small group of appointments that cannot be disclosed because of national security reasons or their necessarily confidential nature, the record of every visitor who comes to the White House for an appointment, a tour, or to conduct business are being released.

The White House also released close to 2,000 records that span the time period between January 20, 2009, and September 15, 2009. The Administration had agreed to release records created before the announcement of the policy in response to specific requests.

On September 3, the Obama administration and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) settled four ongoing cases regarding public access

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to White House visitor records.