Civil War Preservation Trust Issues List of Engandered Civil War Sites

The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) recently unveiled its annual report on the status of the nation’s historic battlegrounds. The report, entitled History Under Siege: A Guide to America’s Most Endangered Civil War Battlefields, identifies the most threatened Civil War sites in the United States and what can be done to save them.

History Under Siege is composed of two parts; one identifying the 10 most endangered battlefields in the nation, and a second section lists 15 additional “at risk” sites also confronted by serious threats. Sites discussed in the report range from the famous to the nearly forgotten, but at least part of each site is in danger of being lost forever. Battlefields were chosen based on geographic location, military significance, and the immediacy of current threats.

The Civil War Preservation Trust is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the nation’s endangered Civil War battlefields and to promoting appreciation of these hallowed grounds through education and heritage tourism. CWPT has preserved more than 29,000 acres of battlefield land across the nation. The CWPT is a member of the National Coalition for History.