Pelosi Appoints Dr. Matthew Wasniewski as New House Historian

On October 20, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the appointment of Dr. Matthew Wasniewski as the new Historian of the House of Representatives. Dr. Wasniewski, who currently serves as the historian in the House Clerk’s Office of History and Preservation, received the unanimous recommendation of the House Historian Search Committee appointed by Speaker Pelosi with the input of House Republican Leader John Boehner who concurred on the appointment.

Congress Delays Consideration of FY 2011 Budget

Congress recessed for the fall elections without passing any of the twelve individual fiscal year 2011 appropriations bills. FY 2011 began on October 1. The Congress passed legislation, known as a continuing resolution, to temporarily fund federal agencies until early-December at current FY 2010 levels.

2010 Secrecy Report Card Released

The 2010 Secrecy Report Card was recently released by the watchdog group The report shows a continued decrease in most indicators of secrecy since the end of the Bush Administration and growing backlogs in the declassification system as old secrets move through the system. The report covers the first 9 months of President Obama’s Administration.