Smithsonian Institution Proposed FY ’12 Budget

The Administration’s FY 2012 budget request to Congress for the Smithsonian is $861.5 million, an increase from the $761.1 million appropriated to the Institution in fiscal year 2010. The Salaries and Expenses request for FY 2012 is $636.5 million (nearly the same as 2010) and the Facilities Capital budget is $225 million, which includes $125 million for the construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Most of the Facilities Capital funds for FY 2012 ($225 million) are directed toward construction of the new museum. The additional $100 million is for revitalization projects and design, including $17 million for continued renovation of the National Zoo; renovation of the west wing of the National Museum of American History ($11 million); funds for the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Md. ($17.4 million); and $8 million for the revitalization of public and non-public spaces in the National Museum of Natural History.

The $100 million revitalization total includes planning and design for future projects ($14.6 million).

A budget summary for the FY 2010 appropriation and FY 2012 requests follows:

Salaries and Expenses (S&E)

  • Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriation–$636,161,000
  • Fiscal Year 2012 Request–$636,530,000

Facilities Capital

  • Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriation-$125,000,000
  • Fiscal Year 2012 Request–$225,000,000


  • Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriation–$761,161,000
  • Fiscal Year 2012 Request–$861,530,000