National Archives to Release 1940 Census Online in April 2012

The National Archives and Records Administration recently announced it will place the entire 1940 Census – more than 18 terabytes of data – online, free of charge, for viewing and download by page or enumeration district beginning Monday, April 2, 2012, at 9 a.m. EDT.

Researchers will be able to search the 1940 Census using the public computers at National Archives facilities nationwide, or personal computers with Internet access. In addition, for customers with large data requirements, the National Archives Trust Fund is selling the 1940 Census data on hard-drives and hard-drive arrays. Microfilm copies of the 1940 Census data will be available for purchase from the Trust Fund, as well.

The National Archives Trust Fund will accept pre-orders for the 1940 Census data on hard-drives and hard-drive arrays. Digital copies will be available for purchase as a whole or by individual state.

Pre-orders for the entire 1940 Census and/or for individual states will be sent via overnight mail on April 2, 2012.

If you would prefer the data on microfilm, orders for 1940 Census microfilm can be placed on April 2, 2012.

To place an order or for more information, see the Trust Fund product page[].

For researchers interested in the learning more about the 1940 Census see or e-mail questions to