National Park Service Awards Tribal & Historic Preservation Grants

The National Park Service recently awarded $21.6 million in historic preservation grants to help states and territories preserve and protect historic sites. Also, more $3.7 million was distributed to Tribal Historic Preservation Offices to help American Indian tribes in carrying out national historic preservation program responsibilities on tribal lands.

State officials may use the grants to fund projects ranging from the survey and inventory of historic properties, National Register of Historic Places nominations, preservation education, architectural planning, historic structures reports, community preservation planning, and bricks and-mortar repair to buildings.

The Historic Preservation Fund is derived by revenue from federal oil leases on the Outer Continental Shelf. The National Park Service administers the fund and distributes annual matching grants to state and tribal historic preservation officers from money made available in Congressional appropriations. This year’s appropriation was decreased by about five percent as a result of sequestration.

To see the list of those entities receiving the Tribal and Historic Preservation grants, please go to the following links:

Historic Preservation Grants:

Tribal Preservation Grants: