Administration Submits FY ’17 Budget Request to Congress

The Obama administration recently submitted its fiscal year (FY) 2017 budget request to Congress. The National Coalition for History (NCH) has assembled a chart showing the budget requests for all federal agencies and programs affecting history, archives, and education.  To access the budget chart, click here.

The appropriations process will be as contentious as ever as the Administration and Congress argue over whether they should stick to the broad parameters of the budget agreement that restricted spending in recent years.  The Administration is proposing no major cuts and some increases for the programs affecting NCH’s many constituencies.

Given the complicating factor of election year politics, it is likely we will see numerous stopgap continuing resolutions to keep the government running past September 30 when the current fiscal year ends. Final action on the budget may not occur until after the November election and if there is a change of party in the White House and/or Senate it could be pushed back until next January.