House Appropriations Committee Passes FY 20 Budget for the National Archives and NHPRC

On June 11, the House Appropriations Committee approved a FY 20 funding bill for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the NHPRC. The Financial Services and General FY 20 Appropriations bill provides $354.7 for NARA operating expenses, which is $9.1 million above the request but is a reduction of $18.4 million from the $373 million the agency received in FY 19.

Of this amount, $4.1 million is provided for implementation of the Civil Rights Cold Case Record Collections Act of 2018. It also includes $22 million for the repair and alteration of Archives II in College Park to enhance the Federal Government’s ability to electronically preserve, manage, and store Government records. The goal is to expedite digitization of NARA’s existing holdings.

In addition, the bill includes $7 million for the NHPRC up from $ 6 million in FY 19. After bottoming out at $4.5 million in FY 14, the NHPRC budget has been slowly creeping back up and $7 million is the highest its budget has been since FY 10.

To see a copy of the bill and accompanying committee report click here.