Urge the Senate to Confirm Dr. Colleen Shogan as Archivist of the US

In August, President Biden nominated Dr. Colleen Joy Shogan as the 11th Archivist of the United States to succeed David S. Ferriero who retired earlier this year. Dr. Shogan would be the first political scientist to serve as Archivist. The position requires Senate confirmation. We need your help in ensuring that happens!

We are pressing the Senate to confirm Dr. Shogan’s nomination before the end of the current Congress, or it could be delayed indefinitely next year. It’s vital that we have a permanent Archivist of the United States in place at this critical time in our nation’s history.

We are asking all NCH organizations to share this legislative alert with your members. Urge them to ask their US Senators to vote to confirm Dr. Shogan when her nomination comes to the floor. Please do not delay since it could be brought up at any time!

The alert provides a brief background on the situation. When you enter your zip code, it automatically directs your message to your two US Senators. The system allows you to personalize your email to include your background and interest in Dr. Shogan’s confirmation before sending.

For additional background, here is a link to the letter the National Coalition for History sent to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in support of Dr. Shogan’s confirmation.