Gettysburg Casino Proposal Killed

On April 14, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board rejected a proposal to bring casino gambling to the doorstep of Gettysburg National Military Park.

Since it was announced last year, the proposal to open the Mason-Dixon Gaming Resort a half-mile from Gettysburg National Military Park has drawn immense opposition — an April survey by a national polling and research firm found that only 17 percent of Pennsylvanians supported the idea, with 66 percent actively opposed and 57 percent indicating that such a facility would be “an embarrassment” to the Commonwealth.

Last year nearly 300 American historians sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in opposition to a proposal to license the casino. Beyond the individual signatories, the American Historical Association, National Coalition for History, National Council on Public History, Organization of American Historians, Society for Military History and Southern Historical Association sent a separate letter of opposition to the Gaming Board.

Tens of thousands of petitions were submitted against the project and it was opposed by the national leadership of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and the American Legion. Other prominent Americans who lent their name to the campaign

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to protect Gettysburg include Susan Eisenhower, Emmy-winning filmmaker Ken Burns, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough, Medal of Honor recipient Paul W. Bucha, renowned composer John Williams and entertainers Matthew Broderick, Stephen Lang and Sam Waterston. In 2005, citing public outcry, the Gaming Board likewise rejected a plan to construct a casino one mile from the edge of the national park.

One thought on “Gettysburg Casino Proposal Killed

  1. The Gettysburg casino proposals have both been rejected. A few years ago there was one that was a decent distance from downtown G-burg and amidst other commercial development as in Walmart and that ilk. That casino would have been beneficial to the community, bringing in tourists to play and then perhaps do some nearby history in town and to the south where most of the battlefield is. Oh well, no casino—no Yuengling Lager for them…..too bad

    Yours in American history,

    Professor Thomas W. Colbrese

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