Action Alert: House Prosposes Cutting NHPRC Funding to $1 Million

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government has cleared a bill providing only $1 million for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) in FY ’12. The House figure would be a 90% reduction—which would cripple this already modest program that is so important to archives and historians nationwide.

Urge members of the House Appropriations Committee to provide $10 million in funding for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission for FY 2012. The full Committee will consider NHPRC funding on June 23—so your help is needed to reach the Committee members by June 22, 2011!

What You Can Do:

Call your Representative’s office or send a fax message urging him or her to support NHPRC funding at $10 million. If your Representative is not on the House Appropriations Committee, you or your organization can fax or email letters to the Committee chair and the Ranking member urging a funding level of $10 million.

Because the full Appropriations Committee is scheduled to consider NHPRC funding on June 23, you must send your message by June 22!

See background and talking points about the NHPRC at the Society of American Archivists (SAA) website. Make your request directly and clearly. Tell your Representative or the Committee leadership that you want them to fund the NHPRC, a program of the National Archives and Records Administration, at $10 million for FY 2012.

Be specific about the benefits of NHPRC to your organization, constituents, or state. (For a list of NHPRC grants given in your state, select your state click here) Personalize your letter or call with an appeal that highlights the impact of one or two grants on you, your institution, your users, and/or your state. (Don’t send the entire list of grants awarded in your state.) With budget cuts a given in this Congress, be very sensitive to the issues and ideas of the member(s) of Congress to whom you’re addressing your communication.

Fax your letter; snail mail won’t get there in time. Even better, call or follow up your fax with a call. Each contact will make a difference. It is imperative that we make the voice of the archives community heard loud and clear. The time is now, the choice is ours. We can make a difference only if we take action now!

2 thoughts on “Action Alert: House Prosposes Cutting NHPRC Funding to $1 Million

  1. How can Congress even contemplate cutting funding by 90%? it’s anti-intellectual and un-American.

  2. Please make more money available to NHPRC other than $ 1 million for FY 2012.
    Not only is their money used for records, but a very, very large chunk of their money is used for educating our children. I know! I am a retired teacher, and I used their resources in the classroom and attended educational conferences sponsored by NHPRC. If Congress wants to save money, quit letting elected officals take so-called fact-finding trips, and giving yourselves a pay raise when we have thousands of people out of work!!!!!

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