National Coalition for History Creates Facebook and Twitter Pages

The National Coalition for History has created new Facebook and Twitter

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pages. Please click on the links and come join us!

6 thoughts on “National Coalition for History Creates Facebook and Twitter Pages

  1. I, as many of my colleagues, do not use any social media so guess we are just left out now.

  2. I, as many of my colleagues, do not use any social media, and I do not intend to do so — so guess you are leaving us out.

  3. Thanks for your comment. We’ve made sure folks who don’t use social media won’t be left out and that was never the intent of these changes. The social media components are just an enhancement of the website which is in the process of being renovated. Everything will be cross-posted on the NCH website, RSS Feed, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media sites we use in the future. The blurbs posted on Twitter, Facebook etc. will be linked to longer versions on the website for people who want more in-depth coverage.

  4. Glad to hear that the NCH will be accessible through additional means. For a growing number of teachers, especially younger ones, social media is how news gets out.

  5. Thanks. We”ll be adding LinkedIn and other social media outlets as the website redesign moves ahead. Twitter and Facebook are just the first steps.

  6. At the National Council on Public History we’ve found that social media really helps to broaden and strengthen our network of communication within the field. Glad that NCH will be moving into these networks as well!

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